About Heather McC

Heather_McConnellI recently moved back to a small town on the New England seacoast where I lived about 25 years ago. It’s a big change from my life in Los Angeles but I’m very glad to be both near the ocean again and in much cooler weather. I’ve been involved in the book publishing/bookselling/writing world in one way or another for most of my working life, and recently published my first novel, An Invisible Woman in Afghanistan. I work from home, writing, blogging, and helping several non-profits in whatever ways I can. I am passionate about making a difference in the world, and constantly devouring news from all corners of the planet to both better understand the way we are evolving as a human race, and to identify ways in which we can improve (or already are improving) until we reach “100%.” How do you think we can make our world better?

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