About Heather McC

Heather_McConnellHeather McConnell has published one novel, An Invisible Woman in Afghanistan, is working on a second (An Invisible Woman in Tamil Nadu) in her Invisible Woman series, has published a short non-fiction “thought-piece,” The Value Economy: Thriving Together at the End of the World of Work, and recently started a website, CountingtheKilowatts.com, which grew out of her Worldat100.org blog and focuses on measuring the current astronomical growth of renewable energy on our planet. She lives in the old farmhouse she grew up in in her upstate New York hometown. She loves the natural landscape particularly in her hometown and is committed to preserving as much of it as possible. She believes strongly in creating a new way of living in harmony with this landscape – making a home that is sustainable, comfortable and beautiful, buying locally made, quality food and goods, and building and supporting both global and local community.


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