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Today’s Number: 58.5983041657453 (Up .0018552857143! I finally added Samoa — and also figured out that American Samoa is not the same place….)

One goal I’ve set with my list of indicators is to focus on the positive rather than the negative part of the whole equation. “The World at 100” is a positive number. So, rather than using the stat for the percent of people in a country who are suffering hunger/malnutrition, I am instead subtracting that from 100 and coming up with a percentage of people in each country who do have access to adequate nutrition. (I would love this number to actually be reflective of a truly sustainable, healthy diet but, as noted previously, it doesn’t exist yet.)

There is so much to say about Food, Hunger and Malnutrition that I could go on for pages. One important and immediate note: I am looking for more recent data but my current figures are from 2006. This clearly does not represent an accurate picture (i.e., the East African drought/famine, Somalia) and I will continue looking for better data. (If you have a good source, please let me know.)

One of my favorite organizations is The Hunger Project, which has been on the cutting edge of addressing worldwide hunger/malnutrition problems for almost 35 years. They have worked to investigate the root causes of hunger and poverty, and then explored all potential solutions, honing their methods until they have come up with the most effective strategy possible. And then they do that all over again, constantly questioning solutions and improving results. (They’re also the only organization I know of who includes, as one of their stated goals, being out of business!)

Far more on this later.

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