What would a perfectly healthy world population look like? I can barely imagine this. Most of our global leaders, I’m guessing, are in the same position. We, as humans, contend on a daily basis with so many life-threatening health issues that it is almost impossible to imagine life without them.

However, despite this, I truly believe we are not that far off from a new state of better health for humanity.

This particular category is one of the most problematic to measure. Most countries measure their physical well-being by infant mortality rates which are also, of the information available measuring humanity’s health, the most available in terms of countries reporting it. That said, it’s also under-reported, inaccurate, outdated, and frequently completely absent. But it’s still the most accurate, available and comprehensive data which we have to work with.

My dream, though, is to have a far different measure, where we no longer need to measure “Third World” statistics like a country’s freedom from hunger, malaria, and HIV/AIDS, but instead, we focus on “Developed World” diseases like diabetes, heart disease and other “lifestyle” afflictions. What if a country’s overall health was measured by the U.N. in terms of their population’s daily exercise programs?

Maybe hunger and disease would be consigned to the history books, and we would see a world of bright-eyed, smiling, energetic, and creative children, who would only know of those horrific afflictions through the stories of their elders.

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Heather McC


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